Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving of Thanks

This is the silly Thanksgiving post. I feel like I really should be thankful this year. First, I would like to note that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Food. Good. Family. Good. Vacation. Gooood. How could you get any better? Someday I will host Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to it. For now, I will be going to Ptown to celebrate with T's family and Mom's family. Two Thanksgivings. Hells yes. Should be good times.
Side Note: I will also be trying on some wedding dresses. We'll see if I am thankful for that, or not.
My Thanks List:
- Tyler
- Sister
- Mom and Dad
- All other family and to-be family (please don't be offended you aren't listed seperately, there are too many of you)
- Friends I see now and old friends I don't see as much
- Sammy
- Stanley
- Buky
- Gussy
- My job
- The kids at work
- My House
- My Land
- Getting married
- Heat
- Stove
- Popcorn
- Carpet Cleaner
- Flowers
- Money
- Hot water
- Coffee
- Being dorky but thinking I am hil.arious.
That is my main list.
Oh wait, Sam wants to give thanks too!

Me: "Hey Sam."

Sam: "Yes Mommy?"
Me: "What are you thankful for?"

Sam: "You!"
Me: "Oh sweet jesus, you are cute."

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The Momma said...

Your list reminds me; I too am grateful for your carpet cleaner and want you to let me borrow it again.
Yes, and it reminds me of all I'm thankful for....such as you sleeping on the couch beside me as I'm typing this; exhausted from Black Friday and wedding dress shopping. Too bad they didn't have doorbuster wedding dress specials at 4am. I'm grateful for Tyler who loves, cares for, and puts up with my precious first born. I hope, Ty, you're not just marrying for a dowry of sheep and other small farm animals, though we could probably catch a possum or two and have lots of frogs.
By the way Em, Sam looks sly and scary - like he wants to eat you.
Your awake - I've got to sign off.