Sunday, January 10, 2010

Picture Perfect 2009

2010 should be a great year with getting married, running another "race", and going to the happiest place on earth and the most relaxed place on earth. I am looking forward to all those things!
However, I have to give props to 2009. It was a big year with us buying a house and getting engaged and all. It was awesome so I feel I need to pay tribute to it. Here are some pics to sum up my 2009 (minus all the important, interesting blogposts of my exciting life. You can explore those another time to refresh your memory).

In Jan and Feb we went on our first and second snowshoeing trips

April we bought a house
Then we had a work party at our new house

Sam and Stan both enjoyed the new house outdoors

Camping essentials during the one camping trip this summer...disgraceful!

We got engaged on this camping trip on the Entiat River

Then we went to Sun Lakes for a Herold/Marrs family vacay...

....where we did a lot of synchronized diving

T bought a Gibson tractor

We had a beautiful autumn

And a fun Halloween

Then it snowed in December

Stan wore the santa suit for the second year and loved it, obviously

A stray pointer came around. (He was eventually adopted at the Humane Society)

I stayed warm in my new down jacket from Santa

We visited Kendra and Angie in Portland on NYE

Mogi (Kendangi's pup) loved T

Cheers to 2009!


The Momma said...

Dang, some of the pics aren't showing. At first I thought your second snowshoe expedition was during a whiteout but apparently it is a technical problem when posting. Fix that would ya, I want to see them all.
You had a very stressful but happy and satisfying year, didn't you lil'Em? Looks like 2010 might be that way too.
Sweet pics of the kitty boys. Shhh, don't tell Buk and Gus they weren't featured.
The Sun Lakes pictures really, really, really make me wish I could see all of the least before we go again! Come on, you're killin' me.
Great synchronization! You can barely tell there are two of you.

M.J. said...

Fun to see your year in review. It couldn't be easy to pare down all your pics to just a chosen few.

Love the sweet engagement picture AND the banner photo of your home. I've been meaning to comment on how spectacular it is. The colors are gorgeous and it's easy to imagine the clouds roiling and boiling! It reminds ms of a Wizard of Oz-ish weather scenario . . . glad there were no reports of funnel cloud activity.