Thursday, April 8, 2010


Note: I am still trying to find the "after" pictures on a couple of these. I'll do that asap!

I missed a big anniversary. No, it wasn't my "first date" anniversary with T (we have no starting point). No, it isn't one of the babies' birthdays. No, it isn't when I became a vegetarian. No, it isn't when I became a hippie (which could probably be marked on the day my dad made me go collect water samples from Tacoma's Thea Foss waterway in order to measure the amount of shit detected in said waterway).

The anniversary is to celebrate what inspired the start of this blog. On March 2, 2009, T and I signed all the papers to buy our house/land. On April 26, our friends and family came to help us paint, weed, rototill, build, clean, and eat at our Aldergrove Work Party. We never did get around to writing those thank yous but oh my gosh, I still really appreciate everyones' help, especially now that is it weeding time again. We ended up moving into the house in late May after we did a shit ton of work and made it look a little less like an old person house.

Although that whole house buying thing was stressful and I learned that the guy who we bought the house from is our neighbor, our house is perfect and I love it. I still haven't seen or talked with our seller-neighbor. I hold a little grudge for him being a bit of a bastard. (who refuses to clean up the garbage?!)

Here are a few Before and After for your, but mostly my, pleasure.....

Before in the Yoga Room

Later in the Yoga Room
Even later in the Yoga Room

Before in the dining/computer/table/play room

Before in the Kitchen (side note: sorry sister)

Before the house was painted
After (well partially)

Before the Garden was done
After in the Garden

Damn, all these pictures prove T did most of the work. Son of a bitch. Well, I made most of the decisions.


Gevan said...

Impressive amount of progress in just one year. Well done!
(and there weren't even before and after for heating ductwork!, or the shop, or trash pile, or...)

Christina said...

Making decisions is really, REALLY hard work. So you win.

CM said...

Happy anniversary! I am impressed by all of the hard work!