Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

It's Earth Day! This day really should be my Christmas. Alas, nobody talked it up so I slightly forgot and I didn't wear my recycle shirt. Too bad.
I am celebrating my own way though.
There is a local Mexican restaurant that is very popular here in Whatcom County, Chihuahuas. It is very good, I must admit. (Their veggie burrito doesn't have zucchini in it, something that doesn't belong in a burrito if you ask me). Anyway, a downside to going to this restaurant is that they use Styrofoam as a take-home container and that ain't cool with me. I have decided to write a letter to this business and ask them to use recyclable/compostable containers. I think it is important. They serve a lot of people here in the county and making that change would a step in the "greener" direction. Although cardboard (what I propose they switch to) still requires trees, at least it isn't a product that uses chemicals in the production process and will NEVER EVER break down. ever!
My letter may not change anything but I am hoping they may actually consider it. If you want to write a letter, I encourage you to. The owner's name is Alejandro Hernández and the address is 5694 3rd Ave. Ferndale, WA 98248. His email is also on their website.

Plus, if they do change then I won't have to bring my own containers for my leftovers. It really is kinda embarrassing.

Styrofoam?! That just ain't good.

Happy Earth Day!


M.J. said...

Sounds like you're feeling better and perhaps could taste that Veggie burrito! Like the picture. Where in SE Asia was it taken?

The Momma said...

Ha,ha Anut. Guess you don't recognize Emily's backyard where they planted the sustainable bamboo forest last year. Grows fast, huh? :^)

I woulda sent you an Earth Day card Emmy but they don't make 'em. (get it? It's an Earth Day joke I just made up).