Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good Ole Fashioned American Camping

Mr Pepperworth and I are somewhat outdoorsy people. I mean, obviously, if you are gardeners and what not, you pretty much can count yourself as an outdoorsy person. Unless, you garden in a greenhouse. Which in that case you are cheating anyway so you are not an outdoorsy person. You are supposed to be at one with Mother Nature not defy her with your extra big tomatoes and ginormous hanging baskets! Jealous? Perhaps.

I digress though.

Last year Mr Pepperworth and I didn't get to go camping. Never, not once. It is a sad state of affairs seeing as we had been every other summer of our lives and we were even engaged whilst camping. Yet, home chores called and something called a wedding took up a lot of our time.

First time hammock testing

So because July 4 was a long weekend and because I wanted to get the heck outta dodge for a mini-vacay, we packed our things (tent, sleeping pads, camping bin, camp stove, lantern, two tables, two chairs, and forgot our headlamps) and left this one horse smaller one horse mule town. Winthrop, WA.

We went up some Forest Service Roads in the Chelan National Forest and did some camping. We ended up staying at Ruffed Grouse C.G. It was pretty nice but the fishing was awful as the snow pack is still so large that the creeks and rivers are running high. Actually, we didn't catch a fish, not even a bite. And, I broke my rod. On the last day. I shut it in the car door. Whoopsie Daisy.

Sweet bike jump
Camping Dilly Beans
Painting with my Indian Paint Brush

All in all, it was a great weekend and I definitely wasn't ready to come back to life and work and a messy house.

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TheAnut said...

Some observations from a total 'non-camper':
- - Interesting multi-purposing of body bags as hammocks.
- - Emily Herold Marrs, where is your bike helmet. You have air on that jump ! Hello?!
- - You two are two 'blending in' folks in all your woodsy colored clothing. Aren't you supposed to be dressed in bright 'don't shoot me, I'm not your dinner' colors ?
- - If you blow up your pictures and use your magnifying glass, I think you can see Bigfoot in the forested background of your photos.
Glad you're home, safe and sound, from your 'living on the edge' adventure.