Sunday, December 4, 2011


I grew up in a middle class household. Both of my parents save money (and let's be honest, other crap). They believe in providing well for my sister and I. If I had to be thankful for one thing in my life, it wouldn't be my babies, it would definitely be my parents and their ability and planning to make my life easier by providing for me until I was graduated from college (and then sometimes after). I don't have loans or debt because they helped me along the way and they taught me about investing and saving. I am so so so grateful for that!

I will say that I did work in high school and throughout college. I am not a total spoiled piece of shit.

Anyway, in high school I may or may not have been as grateful for their love and support. I may or may not have thought of it more as more of an expectation. I knew that I was eternally grateful but I didn't act like it per se. Something that I am not so proud of is the fact that wanted/demanded a car. Actually, I didn't demand a car, I just demanded that I didn't drive a certain car. Well, van.

We had a white dodge van, still have, and I would have rather been caught dead then drive that thing to school. My hatred for driving that thing made me cry (literally) whenever I had to drive it. Looking back, it is the dumbest thing ever but I can still feel the hate for driving that thing. I much preferred driving the new PT Cruiser, which looking back is the dumbest thing ever!

I have had 10 years to forget about the van, although I still have driven it on certain occasions (ie Ragnar). Nowadays the van has some quirks, like when you put a tape in the tape deck, it makes an awful screeching noise and when you go over 15 miles/hour and the doors lock, one lock doesn't work and makes a machine gun noise. It is pretty great. But, if I was 17 years old, I definitely would still cry.

But, I better get my shit together because guess what, I am going to have to start driving a van again. Really, a Vanagon. A VW Vanagon. It isn't too embarrassing though. It is more classic and cool. Although, yesterday I drove it and it WAS embarrassing to be at a stop and not get the damn thing into first gear. (Something Mr Pepperworth will be working on today.) So yes, Mr Pepperworth and I have bought a new van. Most likely, I will be driving it when we need a second car. Mr Pepperworth LOVES the thing though and right now it is all taken apart so he can clean, fix, and re-do some parts. It is the first time he has asked to use the carpet cleaner. He must really love his new purchase! 

So, in conclusion, the Pepperworths have a van. We will have many adventures with the van and have the space to haul all the needed camping gear. It gets about 19 miles/gallon apparently which isn't too bad for a 1986 van. Mr Pepperworth says it will last another 10 years. It damn well better, that's all I gotta say.

*I am giving the idea for the title to my mother. When I texted her about our purchase, she texted back that one word.


The Momma said...

Middle class?! Your father is gonna wonder how you figured that out since he has spent your entire life convincing you we were the poor family and couldn't afford whatever it was you wanted at the time. And we save money by saving all that 'other crap' we know we're going to need again in the next 20 years.

I never did understand your deep- seated aversion (must be a past life thing) & it does crack me up you actually purchased a van.
I know you'll love it as much as I love mine! Congratulations

TheAnut said...

As a person that grew up with only cars to ride in or drive, I've definitely become a Van prefer-er. I like being higher than just above the pavement watching the white line whiz by at eye level.

The utilitarian side - - Moving Van, Road trip gear hauling Van, Destination wedding Van. Where's the contest on who can fully pack a van in the shortest amount of time, maintain some sightlines to the back window, and not have stuff falling out the doors/hatch when they're opened?

The older one gets, the more you appreciate a van 'cause you just can get in and out without either plopping way down or having to heft oneself up. (And that also applies to folks in a pregnant condition.)

Happy Van-ing. And remember, just because you now have a van doesn't mean that you can't say "No" to folks that need someone to haul their stuff somewhere or other.