Friday, September 21, 2012

Party Invitation

I’m throwing a party. It’s a pity party. Anyone is willing to join. I know you all have thrown one or joined one before.

But, this is possibly the worst week I have had in a long time. I mean, I love my life, I have it real good but sometimes things happen that make me so happy it is Friday and happy that I don’t have shit to do on the weekend. Let me explain a little but I promise not to bore you with all the juicy details.

The week started off badly with my Gramma dying. She had Alzheimer’s and it was definitely her time to go. But, it made me feel guilty for not seeing her in a long time. I mean, even if she was still alive, I probably wouldn’t have gone to see her but I never did have a final time visiting her thinking I won’t see her again. So, that is what I was feeling. Again, not super sad just the realization that people die and that sucks.

Then I had some meetings that I would rather not have had to deal with EVER in my life and the fallout from those meeting conversations is still on going so didn’t go away.

Plus, I felt like I was bitching about things all week - I mean, hello, what is going on now? - but I just really wanted to bitch. I don’t do it too often, or at least I try not to (husbands don’t count), so when I feel like I am doing it constantly, it makes me feel tired and like a badish person.

And, there were some other tid bits here and there.

And, I feel fat. Everyone does sometimes. I know.

BUT….I have to say that my family and friends have been so supportive and awesome. If it weren’t for my family, co-workers, job, and friends, I probably wouldn’t have made it through the week. (And, let’s be honest, my old Nsync cd helped too.)

I spent last weekend with family and old friends and it was so superb. Plus, my co-workers are so great. I am not just saying this because my boss, whom I love dearly, reads my blog. I honest to goodness love my job. Even if I feel stressed there (which I didn’t this week) it is a fun stress and one I like sometimes because I am accomplishing something important. Usually. I just really love my place of work. Which is good, I spend most of my time there.

And, I didn’t struggle with what to wear to work any day this week which is a feat in and of itself!

So, there was some good with the bad but really the bad won this week and this glass of wine I am downing is pretty fucking good.

And, I just made ratatouille for the first time this year. It’s probably one of my favorite dishes.

In closing, fuck you week. I am bouts to eat ratatouille made from scratch out of all the veggies in my garden.

I feel better already. I don’t think it is just the wine talking. Thanks for coming to my par-tay.

Grampa, Sissy, Me, and Gramma. May they rest in peace and sing with the angels.

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The Momma said...

Glad the week is over & you're at home in your safe zone doing the things you love - like eating great food! Sometimes talking about your woes (commonly, but often mistakenly referred to as complaining) is just plain good for you. See, even in this post you got it out and then were able to remember the good that happened in a bad week.
May the coming week bring you joy as G & G smile down on you (they were too busy reuniting last week to help you out). Your mommy/daddy love you.