Friday, June 14, 2013

Pregnancy Update

Sunday will mark my 37th week of pregnancy. While this past week I told multiple family members that no, I really don't need it to be over soon. I kinda do want it to be over soon.

I want to sleep on my back. I want to have him here and healthy because these last few days I have just been worrying that he is sitting funny and will be misshapen. I want to have a baby to hold and look at. I don't want to work anymore.

Can you tell I am writing this after a decent day's work where I have been yawning most of the day?

But really, my pregnancy has not been a hard one. I really can't think of anything that went differently than I really had wanted or expected. I am still able to move around and be active and really, for me, if I couldn't do that THEN I would be miserable but I am still good.

I do have to say though that it is really these last few weeks that seem the hardest so far. I feel lazy and unhealthy. After not having many food cravings (besides the first couple of months when I could actually burn them away), I now want ice cream, chips, and french fries. I mean, of course, I always really want those things but it seems like I have not been making the best food choices. If I can be honest, I am ready for my belly to stop growing. It really doesn't seem that big to me, I mean there is a full grown baby in there but then when I see the pictures of myself, I realize that yes, I guess I do look like a real live baby is in there almost ready to come out. So, my goal is to focus on feeding him the nutritious things these last few weeks. There is no need for Doritos or ice cream everyday, even if it is only 6 chips or 1/4 cup of the creamy goodness. Feed the kid protein and vitamins. That is my daily mantra.

On another note, we still don't have the Baby's room 100% complete. There are still some Ikea things to put together and some random things to put away. While it will be the best looking room in the house, we really won't be spending too much time in there because Baby is co-sleeping with us for awhile. I would like to get it done though soon so I can sit in there and look at it since it will be pretty nice.  That will be the project these next few weeks.

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The Momma said...

You're a good mommy! Hims is a lucky boy. Don't worry about misshapen unless you're worried he'll be bunched up 'cause definitely he'll be that. But he'll straighten out eventually.