Friday, October 4, 2013

Why Thank You for Reading

As you have very well noticed, I haven't posted in a long ass time.

I mean, yes, I have a new baby that takes up a lot of energy but during the times I am not entertaining the wee babe, I am doing other things and not posting. Clearly. While I was still busy thinking of good posts, I never got around to finishing or starting any of them. So, I think I need to take a little break from this whole internets thing. And, I felt it fair to let you know.

Some of the reasons for my absence will be:

10. Working. I go back to work full time October 9. While I will miss Jr with all my heart, I will also miss doing whatever I effing want (as much as possible) during the daytime.

9. Doing Laundry.

8. Participating in some sort of exercise.

7. If Buk is not visiting Grammie and Grumpy, I am vacuuming.

6. Amazon Priming. 'Nuf said.

5. Sippin' a White Russian. I can drink again.

4. Having an adult conversation. Mr Pepperworth and I have to talk to each other at least once in a day without a child interrupting.

3. Loving the animals through gritted teeth because their little annoyances have been multiples by 549. The poor animals. Stanley and Simon have mostly been banished to the outdoors because of a pee problem. I know, I know, that isn't new, but I can't put up with that shit any longer. I NEVER EVER thought I would say that, of course. And, poor Buk, he is a pitiful dog that can't walk on a leash properly which I also don't have time for. If you are a dog and want to go for a walk, learn how to be a behaved dog. I tried, I really did!

2. Then of course, there is this..

1. But more importantly, this..

If I don't come back before the new year, just know I am doing well and I am healthy. During the time I am gone, I hope to pick all the neglected vegetables in the garden and process them. I want to make dinner most nights while still playing with the baby before bed (which will be hard, bedtime is 7:30p right now. Not my choice. It is his). Then there will be the holidays which will be so fun. Jr will be learning so many things during this next few months! Hopefully it makes you feel better to know that while I am not recording my life happenings here, I am writing in Jr's baby book and keeping track of all the fun things somewhere.

Have a good autumn and I will see you again, dear friend, at some point in the future!

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