Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yoga for the Mother Breastfeeding

Some people would call me lucky but not getting to exercise for a month is rough for me. In the first 4 weeks after giving birth, I was only able to walk around the house and lift a growing baby. I have walked 1/2 mile several times in the past couple of weeks and I started doing some easy yoga, but that's about it.

This recovery is long and that is the one thing I feel like people didn't warn me about.

I want to talk about the yoga part of my excerising because that is the best thing I started doing again. The neck, back, and shoulder tightness from nursing in odd positions is uncomfortable and yoga started helping those areas. I know nursing isn't supposed to be uncomfortable but when your wee baby likes to snuggle in your arm crook at night, it is super hard to resist. (Although, I can tell you that tonight we will not be doing that as often. I am so sore!)

My yoga routine hits my neck, back, shoulders, and legs. My hamstrings are so tight too from not doing anything. It is easy and I always feel a bit better after doing it.

The routine includes:

Cat/Cow - 15 sets
Arm/Leg Reach - 10 times
Downward Dog - 8 breaths
Thread the Needle - 6 breaths each side
Downward Dog - 8 breaths
Spinal Twist - 6 breaths each side
Cow Face - 6 breaths each arm
Wide Leg Forward Bend - 8 breaths
Eagle - 6 breaths each side
Tree - 8 breaths each side
Locust - 5 breaths, three times
Diaphragm Breathing - 10 to 20 breaths
Legs Up Wall - until I feel ready to be done

This really doesn't take me very long, maybe 15 minutes to 20 minutes. The only tricky part is fitting it in during nap time.

Jr and I are going to start "Mommy and Baby" yoga next month at a local yoga studio so hopefully that goes well!

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