Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Really is Embarrassing

I need a sherpa to guide me up this mountain. Laundry Mountain.

Ugh, I hate weekends (not really).

This doesn't even include the 2 more loads of clothes.

Please pray for my safe return.


The MOB said...

That's nothing. You should see my mountain of laundry with two kiddos. It is comical, really.

TheAnut said...

It is a lifelong problem we all face.
Until I fold/put away, I tend to leave mine in a laundry basket as it seems less mountainous.

If you have a chance to watch any of the Hoarders reality shows, you'll get a perspective on your little hill of clothes. You'll know you're in trouble when you start sleeping in a fetal ball around the laundry on your bed.

The Momma said...

OMG - Stan or Simon weren't sleeping on the bed when you dumped those clothes, were they?! You know laundry accidents run in Stan's family so please be alert.