Sunday, October 30, 2011

Summer Review

The summer is over. It was officially over last weekend when I didn't sell at the Market and I found myself saying, "what project am I going to do this weekend?" I even cut all my dailias yesterday because I am ready to be done with those. I am ready to hunker down, read a book, turn on the fireplace (yes it's gas), knit, and cook/eat until I gain 30 pounds.

Unfortunately, I know I won't be doing all those things regularly, besides eating, I still am ready to go into hibernation because the summer was pretty busy. We were working in the yard, working to get ready for the market every weekend, attending family events, and trying to relax when possible.

So, in order to put the 2011 summer to rest and get ready for my knitting needles, I would like to reflect on its events -

1) The deer ate all the f-ing beans. I love eating beans and canning beans. That didn't happen.
2) I wish I would have swam in the pool more often. However, the green water scared me away most of the time. Next summer we will be more on top of that situation.
3) I didn't weed as often as I should have. Although really, I don't care.
4) I ran but not as far as I wanted. I never made it passed 9 miles and that was only once.
5) The number of times I hung the clothes outside to dry: 0. Total failure!
6) The number of times I turned on the video camera: 0. What is wrong with me?!
7) The number of times I made blackberry pie: 1. That should have happened at least 5 times!
8) The number of weekends we missed the Farmer's Market: 3 or 4, I can't remember.
9) Camping. Did we even go? I can't remember. I think maybe once but that is definitely NOT ENOUGH!
10) We didn't loose any weeding tools. Some people might think that is a good thing. It isn't. See number 3.

1) I went waterskiing. Some summers I can't say that and it makes me sad, luckily I can say I did this summer.
2) The Public Market (farmer's market) was amazing. While we didn't make much money it was super fun!
3) I got Mr Pepperworth to run Ragnar and like it!
4) I canned applesauce, sweet pickles, salsa, and green salsa. Great for eating in the winter!
5) We introduced Red to Earth Hour, she calls it Pioneer Hour. She even observed it without whining! Sissy even observed it on the same day. Bi-state Earth Hour. Great!
6) I read many books. I love reading.
7) I joined the Ferndale Public Market board. This should be interesting.
8) Our asain pear tree gave us some pears. Last year it didn't. They are so delicious!
9) The house got cleaned every weekend. I think. I am pretty sure. It may have looked like a shit hole 6 days a week but I think every 7th day it was clean. That's how I remember it.
10) Simon hasn't pissed on the couch for a couple months. Hallelujah.

Although there may have been equal amounts of failures and successes, the summer was still a great one. It was a summer of learning. We are already gearing up for next summer and planning our year. I am already craving cherries and sunscreen but I will embrace the winter months by eating as much squash as possible.


Gevan said...

I'd call Earth Hour "make sure the iPad is charged up before the hour".
Personally, I liked watching the hay harvest and eagles hunting the meadow.

Farmer's Veggie Wife said...

Well Gevan, technically you aren't allowed to use phones or personal computing/apple devices during Earth Hour. Although, first Kait's first time, I let her use her computer for homework.
Come on, you can read or play a game or do something else as equally entertaining. Remember when you used to make your children do things like that? :)

Jenny said...

What if your books are on a Nook . . . can you use that?