Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kitten, it's been real...

As I sit here, there is a small black cat jumping half way up my drapes just for the hell of it. This cat's name is Kitten. Yes. This Kitten is Red's little baby. I have referenced him before (see number 5).

Kitten and Red have lived with us since July. They move out next weekend. It has been nice having someone (Red) else in the house to hang with. But, between you and me, that cat (Kitten) won't be missed. Red will be; Kitten, not so much.

Ya know, as I type this, Stanley sits on my lap nodding his head in agreement. He too hasn't gotten along well with his cousin.

I know, how could I, a loving mother of three dislike another's baby so much that I swear, squirt, and hiss at the sweet young thing?  Well, when I constantly have to chase the cat away, get the humping cat off my cat, or when I am telling it to shut the fuck up because YES, it WILL get dinner, just wait a fucking second,  my nerves get the best of me and I don't think fondly of Kitten. He is a bit, shall I say, f-ing annoying? But, his momma loves him, very much. When he sits on her lap and is loved, it's sweet. Kitten's constant, shrill meows are precious to Red. Only a Kitten a mother could love I guess.

So anywho, although Kitten keeps us on our toes and does make me laugh when he chases his own damn tail, I will see him go and probably not cry about it. Red, on the other hand, has been fun to be around.  I don't have to squirt her and she doesn't cry when she is hungry. Her, I will miss. It is nice to be with family.

But Kitten, I know you are my nephew and I do love you and hope nothing bad ever happens to you's been real. Peace!

Poor Simon

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TheAnut said...

Ahh .... You're going to be Empty Nesters.