Monday, February 13, 2012


I have been a really bad blogger lately. I know. I feel like I am just not in the mood for writing down my thoughts. Maybe it is because I have my thoughts towards other things such as: food, weeding, running, facilitating meetings, my to-do list, something I forgot, laundry, and so on and so forth.  Some of those things I think about and then do. Some of those things I think about and then feel bad about not doing. My life isn't going badly, I just think about other things I suppose and I don't really feel that they are worthy literature for a post.

However, while I have been contemplating life and all it's activities, I turned 29. Last week was my birthday. I went on a Ikea shopping spree with Mah and Mr Pepperworth. It was very nice and I even got through the whole store without dragging my feet and asking someone to carry me (I have a short shopping span.) Fil and Mil took us to dinner and then I went on a 3 day xcountry skiing excursion with my parents and the hubs. Getting to ski, lounge, snowshoe, and sit in a pool-sized hot tub was the best. I thoroughly enjoyed being active during the day and feeling tired and sore in the evening.

So yes, I am almost out of my twenties. Honestly, I feel like I already should be there. I don't know, maybe owning a home makes me feel older. Or maybe it is the fact that my face finally looks older to me, I don't have that girlish sweet-faced charm anymore. (Or at least the charm that I am pretty sure I had.) But, then, on the other hand, I can't drag myself out of bed earlier than 7:30am and that makes me feel like a lazy 13 year old. No one wants to be 13 again though. I've never done well is odd numbers (fun/odd/embarrassing fact: I don't get out of bed when the clock ends in an odd number. Some sort of intelligent superstition).

What will 29 bring me? I don't know right now but it better be good! Maybe I should start running again, I think I have been saying that for a month now. Come on 29, inspire me.

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The MOB said...

Happy Birthday! Once you are 30 you become a "real" adult. :)