Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Gone

Wow, next week is the end of January (and Justin Timberlake's birthday in case you write that on your calendar). I gotta say, January 2012 has been a pretty interesting year beginning.

I am now the chair of the local Public Market (not sure how I feel about that still).
We had over a foot of snow for almost a week (which I totally loved but thought the schools should have been in session).
We went to visit Sissy and Lil' Bear is California (had a great time even though it least it wasn't snow).
I discovered Pinterest (what I do instead of updating this here blog, whoopsie daisy).
I haven't worked a full 5 day week for probably a month because of holidays and vacations (but I still didn't find time to get all my other "to-dos" done).

But alas, next week I will be working a full 5 days but's my birthday and I am taking a day off (or two). I think Washington should put a 4 day work week on the ballot soon.

My first pinterest DIY project "snow sticks"

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The Momma said...

Oh my, I could stare at the pic of you and sissy forever. Love my babies - who look remarkably alike. Don't know why I'm still surprised by that. What's up with the pic of the 4, oops 5, sorry Gussy, of you. I had to enlarge it to confirm which boy was which because Ty looks bigger than Tony. That's just weird. Doesn't Gus look noble?!