Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bright New Day

Sometimes I wake up (when I am not cozy under the covers and talking myself out of waking up) and I look outside and the sky is beautiful. Our front windows have a great view of the islands and sky. The clear sky and pink shadowy clouds are amazing. This morning I decided to take Buk for a walk (because I didn't want to run). When I walk just a quarter of a mile up the road, Mt Baker is fully visible. This just makes me smile every single time. If I walk even further, about half a mile, I can see the Canadian mountain range and that too is spectacular.

I get such joy seeing nature in all its splendor. Every time I see the mountain or the green San Juans, it makes me remember why I love my home. You know, sometimes I wished I lived in Hawaii because it too is so perfect but on mornings like this, I am reminded why I love Washington.

I know, this is total hippy bullshit but lordy, my day is a little brighter now because of the chilly, beautiful morning walk!


Gevan said...

We've had some beauutiful sunrises over Mt. Rainier lately too. Wish I could see it (all, not just the summit) from our house.

TheAnut said...

Sleigh bells ring, are ya listening? In the air, snow is glistening ... a beautiful sight, I'm happy tonight walking in a winter wonderland.

Uh, not so much in the rainy South Sound, but the 7 AM news shows a much different picture in your neck of the woods.

The Momma said...

Ha, as I read this I was thinking you were sounding 'thankful Christian' and when I got to the last sentence I noticed if you took off the first eight words and the y off lordy that's exactly what you would have - your daily devotional not hippy bs.

TheAnut said...

Watch your wishes, Missy ! Some posts back weren't you yearning for snow ?! I see that Ferndale is closed today and the BIG Wednesday event has yet to arrive. Look out for some unscheduled Earth Hours.

Someone up there is apparently listening to your wistful longings, so make sure you add all the fine print of "not too much, not too cold, NO ice, only on weekends, etc. next time around.

Post pics of the snow sculptures you create !

Farmer's Veggie Wife said...

Actually, I am loving the snow! No complaints here. Bring on more in fact...although it looks like Bellingham won't get any of the snow forecasted tomorrow. I can only hope...:)