Monday, March 12, 2012


It has been just over a year since our beloved Samsonite kitty died. I still miss him lots when I think about it but fortunately, I don't think about it too often anymore. I hope he is still resting in peace and purring with the kitty angels. He is.

After Sam's death, Stanley was a bit of a butthead. But that was to be understood. He lost his cuddlemate and bather. The twins loved each other a lot and their new baby brother wasn't on their radar much. In fact, Stanley and Simon weren't on the best of terms a year ago. Simon would attack Stan and Stan would hiss and growl at Simon. But, luckily for the whole family, they have learned to love each other and have come a long way since their bratty sibling days. After some one-on-one and family counseling, Stan is learning to except love again. And, Simon is willing to give it.

Just this past month, we have noticed the boys sleeping closer together and Simon cleans Stanley regularly. On maybe two occasions Stanley has even licked Simon (who really needs it, that cat is dirty). It makes me so happy to see them getting along. They both need someone to love them (yes, we are still talking about cats).

Stan and Simon don't curl Yin Yang style like Sam and Stan would but that is all right. We are making progress, the family is happier, and honestly, Stan and Simon don't have the right coloring to make a Yin Yang sign like the twins did together.

Maybe someday we will get to the point of super cuddliness but for now, we are at least making progress.


The MOB said...

So cute. I love your posts about your "children." You are going to be out of control once you have human children!

The Momma said...

aaahhhh... I'm so glad the grief counseling and family therapy have helped the boys bond. They look so darn sweet together. May not match in color but they do in size.

TheAnut said...

I 'awwwwww' it too! Where's the action video of their synchronized head turning as they watch some moving object on the other side of the glass ? That would be a 'double awwwww.'