Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time to Get a Move On

Dammit, it's March.

That's means it is time to get off my bootay and get a move on.

It's time to plant, dig, cut, clean, build, plan, find tools, get dirty, and lordhavemercyonme weed (*gasp, clutching throat, choking, dying). I love my garden but I don't like the work. I am the worst housewife ever. I'll never be a real farmer's wife. I can't milk goats or chase down a pig. And, it isn't that I just can't, it is that I won't. What I am trying to say is that I am still too lazy to go outside and get working. Hence why I am writing this now.

But, in my defense, it did snow last week and it is in the forecast for next week. I can still be in hibernation mode thankyouverymuch!

Alas, Mr Pepperworth is outside getting ready to extend our front porch and he is building chairs for said front porch. He is being very productive in manual labor. Me, not so much and I am starting to feel guilty (but not guilty enough to actually go outside today).

Oh well, the sun is suppose to come out tomorrow (before it starts a rain/snow mix next week) and I will pull on my Carhartt's and work shoes and get outside and do something. And, I'll only cry a little....while holding a kitty (because that is what I am good at doing outside).

1 comment:

The Momma said...

Funny, that's what you're good at doing inside too.
Don't worry, when the weather warms up you'll get a movin'.