Monday, April 2, 2012

March Christmas

Maybe I did just take my white Christmas lights off the porch last weekend. So what? Yes, they never actually worked after I put them up. So what? They did stay there from December to March. Don't judge me, I live in the county and shoot deer from my porch. And...there has been an evergreen tree sitting in the front yard still bound in it's burlap. It once thought it might be a tannenbaum.

Mr Pepperworth bought me a Christmas tree in December. Although, I don't really know why since I said I wasn't going to decorate one. Granted, I think he just wanted an excuse to spend more money on trees (he bought a live one that could be planted). But because I wasn't going to decorate the tree, it sat in the front yard and still sits there to this day.

Someday soon it will find a permanent home. But that won't happen until the hubs finishes all his other projects, which I am not complaining about, that boy is on a roll (deck chairs, driveway drain, fixed driveway plant beds....).

This tree will someday live to it's full potential as a yard tree. It didn't really want to be a Christmas tree anyway. It is an atheist.

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