Saturday, November 10, 2012

Picture Ketchup

I am semi lazy because the weather is colder and it gets dark earlier and I watch too many library dvds when I get home (which I want to own Dirty Dancing, btw, I could watch that shit overandoverandover).

And because I haven't posted many pictures, I would like to do a life catch up by posting pictures we have taken lately and explain how it relates to my life because we all know I am super entertaining (but not so much lately, sorry).

All my cousins. We are a good looking bunch! (minus Sissy, she wasn't able to make it/we may have forgot to tell her)

Mr. got two loads of doo doo from a coworker. There is doo doo everywhere!

What a handsome dog in the fall trees

GF Blackberry Cobbler made from stolen blackberries off of the property of abandoned house down the road

I fermented everything I could get my hands on this summer. These carrots and salsa are to die for!!

I made a double fudge cake for the first time for my gramma's memorial. It was quite good!

I harvested the last of the non-nasty tomatoes the other morning in the freezing cold instead of going running.

Isn't this just the cutest?!
So there you have it. Food, animals, family, and poop. That pretty much sums me about up in perfect detail.

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