Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Best of 2012

So, 2012 hasn't been my most successful year, blogwise. In 2011, I had 65 posts! This year I will have 30. That is super pitiful. I know. However, I can chalk that up to actually being busy volunteering and then taking many camping vacations this summer. What I am trying to say is that I apologize BUT while you were left checking my page to notice that no, I hadn't posted anything, I was having fun and enjoying the last year of my 20's. That's a pretty good excuse if you ask me.

To wrap up the year though I am going to do a FVW "best of" (voted on by me when nessecary, naturally):

Best Recipe: Vegetarian Etouffee

Best Post: Miss Bronco

Best 2012 Adventure: The Olympic Peninsula Vanagon Trip

Best New Nephew: Buddy Boy

Most Viewed Post in 2012: Vegan Tom Yum Soup (it made it on Pinterest)

Best Picture: Simon the Snow Kitten

Best Picture Not Posted: I love me some waterskiing!

Best Picture of My Mom Not Posted: This isn't news to Mah, but she sometimes has trouble with pictures. It isn't that she isn't a beautiful woman, she really is and people tell me how young she looks all the time. The thing is that she can't really smile well on cue. I have the same problem. But there was a great picture taken of us this year. Notice my smile is lacking but Mah's looks great.

Best In-Law Pic Not Posted: This was taken during my bro and sis in-laws wedding weekend. I love this picture.

Best Thing That Happened I Didn't Tell You About: My 4th of July was pretty tubular. Sissy and Lil Bear came up from Cali to visit and we had a helluva time playing games, watching fireworks, setting grass on fire, going to a ball game, and eating fro yo.

Brotherly Love

Sissy and I making fun of Mr Peps for stuffing his face

It's always a good time in the Vanagon


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