Monday, July 8, 2013

Orange Tabby

I am feeling compelled to write about Simon today. It may be because he just was crying outside my bedroom window for the last 20 minutes or that I don't have a real human baby to write about yet so I have to choose one of my other "children". Either way, we all know that my little corner of the internet has regularly posted about the cats in the past. So, it shouldn't be a surprise.

Three years ago this past weekend, Simon came into the family. I found him one day on a run in the bushes on the side of a road near our house. How could I not take the orange tabby kitten with the bloody nose straight home with me?! I did half heartedly try to see if his owners lived around the area. But, really, I knew that I wanted to keep him. Luckily, no one claimed him and he became ours.

After Sam died, we were very glad Simon was around to help fill the Sam void. Simon sometimes is quite like Sam in his personality and kitty behavior. Simon is still the sweetest cat who is super duper soft. He especially wants love in the morning and will race into the bedroom when the door opens and hop onto the bed in hopes that someone is still be in there to pet him. The other morning he was being so cuddly that I let him sit in my lap and reach up to knead my neck area. That turned out to be a horrible idea. I am allergic to cats (yes, it is true) and so I had welts on my neck the rest of the day. It was worth it though. Because, that is what you do when you are the crazy cat lady.

When Baby arrives, I feel like Simon will be the one who snuggles up to Baby and me while breastfeeding. Well, if he isn't skeptical of Baby. Simon has really turned into a scaredy cat lately so he may be skiddish of the crying lump but he will soon realize that there is prime cuddle time to be had when Baby is feeding.

I am so glad that Simon found Buky and I on that morning run. I think he is very glad he found us too!

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