Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What to Expecting When You're Expecting (and are days past your due date)

As I bounce on my gymnastics ball, I feel like reflecting on my day yesterday.

Yesterday was two days past my due date. I know that is nothing. But, advice - don't say that to a pregnant (shit, I have been spelling that word wrong in my pregnancy journal...I know how to spell pregnancy, sigh) woman unless you want to piss her off slightly.

The unfortunate thing about yesterday is that I woke up really thinking that Baby would be coming. Like, soon. I had had an awful night of sleep with contractions so I was sure if I went back to sleep, everything would get a kick start when I got up. Not so much.

Therefore, I went throughout my day pretty bummed. And, when you are pregnant and bummed, it is pretty hard to get out of that funk when you are by yourself all day with your dog that also seems bummed because you didn't take him to the dog park.

When Mr Peps got home though, I felt much better after he gave me a kiss and asked how Baby was doing. I finally had someone to talk to and follow around. After realizing that I was getting pretty bored being by myself (which is quite unusual for me), I decided that today was going to be a day where I got up, got out of the house and saw some people. So, I did and I am feeling much better. Although, Baby hasn't been moving much but I am trying to just think he is getting ready or I'm trying just not to think about it at all.

For those of you that may need some inspiration to be happy and not crabby, here is a list of things you can do while to wait for your little bastard to make his/her appearance:

1. Clean your pantry. You know there are things in there from years ago. I found a buttload of taco seasoning.

2. Finish your baby shower thank yous. Actually, go ahead and do this one first.

3. Have a dance party with yourself. Beyonce and Britney seem to get the job done.

4. Plan a walk with a friend. It doesn't have to be long but get on a trail, go to the waterfront, anything.

5. Go buy some chips. Maybe a couple bags.

6. Clean the dishes in the sink that your husband said he was going to wash two nights ago.

7. Weed something. Or if you don't have any - you lucky poopface - ask a friend if they want something weeded in his/her garden. Wear sunscreen.

8. Wash your car. Dear lord, wash your car! And, while your at it, figure out how the infant car seat works.

9. Go for another walk.

10. Plan lunch with another friend for tomorrow.

Take 'em or leave 'em but try not to think about your unborn child too much. The fact that he/she is still in your uterus may be a downer. I know you want to meet him/her and yes, people will tell you he/she will come when he/she is ready. But really, you already know he/she is ready, it's just that he/she already likes to annoy you. So, best not to think about it and just keep busy.

Good luck! I will say, "It won't last forever!" And seriously, make yourself a "to-do" list everyday, it has really been a life saver for me.


Jenny said...

This is the funniest post! I don't know if you intended it to be, and I'm too afraid to ask right now . . . but I lauged out loud at the littl bastard comment! You've already got a defiant little bugger! Bless your heart :)

Farmer's Veggie Wife said...

Hah Jen. Of course it is funny. That's how I cope with things. :)

Anonymous said...

Both of my babies came 11 days past their due date. With my first one, at a doctor's visit about a week past the due date, the receptionist said "You haven't had that baby yet?" She is lucky to still be living!!! Hang in there.