Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Breakfast Menu

I have really been thinking about this farm business.

While I am not a farmer, I am a "chef". I put chef in quotations because I think I can cook, and cook well, but I feel like a chef is someone who went to France and learned how to cook duck. I am more of an amateur.

I have decided that I want to start a restaurant in Ferndale. I am giving myself 8 years to do this. I was thinking the other day that Ferndale is pretty boring. There is bowling (good place to see old people), Hovander park (good place for minors to drink in the brush), Lake Terrell (good place to get shot), and Chihuahuas (best Mexican in Whatcom Co). However, there isn't a good local food restaurant, kind like Boundary Bay or something similar. There is no place for people to go listen to coffee house music or no place for teens to hang out in the evenings. Sure, we have Woods Coffee but 1) there coffee is bad 2) there don't actually have any cool things going on there.

So, I have decided to open a local restaurant that serves fresh, gourmet-y type food but that also doubles as a coffee shop with local music (totally Jazz on Thursdays) and hell, maybe even a poetry reading or two.

In order to do those things though T has told me I have to talk to a local and see if there has ever been a place that tried to do what I want to do and failed. I should probably find out if I am the only one who thinks my idea is brilliant. Maybe I am the only Ferndalian that wants local food, jazz music, board games, good coffee, and art without having to drive to Bellingham.

Anywho, to jump right into it here is my Sunday Breakfast Menu:

French Toast choice of vegan or not
Chicken Fried Steak with Mushroom Gravy
Biscuits and Mushroom Gravy
Breakfast Sandwich choice of  bacon or tofu
Tofu Scramble
Oh and everything comes with a side of home-fried potatoes
Coffee from Moka Joe

I would have a somewhat specialty restaurant with an emphasis on vegan/vegetarian food but daily specials of meat products. Open for breakfast and dinner on the weekends. Open for lunch and dinner during the weekdays. Appetizers only after 9p - 11p on Friday and Saturday.

You know, initial plans. Oh shit, I forgot vegan cinnamon rolls, that would be on the breakfast menu too.


CM said...

I am so there!!! Eight years you say? I am marking my calendar eight years out for your grand opening. :)

Honest to Christina said...


All that market research is why I could never own a business.
Of course, you have MY support, even if I don't live there :)

Gevan said...

Sounds great. But do I have to wait eight years? You should fast-track it.

Farmers Veggie Wife said...

Well, my time line is more like:

In 1 year, take cooking classes, help Tyler on the farm.
In year 2, decide/find out if I would actually be capable or the time, passion, and work to run a restaurant. Have babies, which will throw that time thing all off.
Year 3, see if anybody else wants to join my venture.
Year 4, look into making it a real thing but then have more babies.
Year 5 - 8, make it happen. :)

The Momma said...

Don't forget to plan in your saxaphone and interpretive reading lessons. Can Friday be Country Western night? You and Ty can start each session with your signature song. And what about salsa dance lessons on Saturday?
8 years should work out well for Pa and me.
Can you make pumpkin ravioli, please?
Start practicing the menu on all us of now!
And let's start thinking up names!

TyMarrs said...

What's all this about babies?

TheAnut said...

Dave and Si would be good resources for everything you might want to know about running a small restaurant. Dave's brother lives in B-ham, so maybe he'd be up in your neighborhood for a visit sometime. I'll knit napkins for you !

Gevan said...

I believe you should cut ALL your time estimates in half. Set stretch goals!
Some of us don't have forever to wait for this, you know..
I'll invest in your venture. (If you want to have somebody else trying to tell you what to do!)

There's always strings attached.

Farmers Veggie Wife said...

Ty - shut your mouth. You're the one that wants all the gingers (no offense to Kait, she is actually cute)

Anut - yes, that is a good idea to talk to dave and si.

Gevan - I'll see about it. But the telling me what to do, meh, not so keen. :)

TheAnut said...

Given last nite's wind woo-hoo, include in that plan of yours how your restaurant can become the gathering place for locals when power, etc. are out at their homes and they're cold, hungry, and seeking company. Or maybe you could be one of the locales that provides food service to all the workers and crews that are working at restoring things back to normal. You never know when weather misfortune might turn into your unexpected revenue stream.