Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Whoa is Me

I am tired. Seriously. Tired.
I am disappointed.

This election business has me pissed right off. I am a very rational person and I believe in democracy which is why I put my signature on petitions when people want things on ballots. I believe that if we vote on things, democracy will stand. That's cool with me.
However, what I am not cool with is lying. Yea, I used to do it when I was little, like all.the.time. But when I got caught enough times riding in my friends' cars *gasp* (even though I was 16), I stopped. This is why I have a problem with this 2010 election, some politicians just didn't stop, and still haven't.

I feel like people don't look at all the facts or research things for themselves. Rather, they read the voter pamphlet exclusively or listen to tidbits of things here or there. I mean, that is what happens, people don't have time to research everything and that is why I am frustrated with the bended truth.

Here is my beef:

Republicans were running on "big spending" "huge deficit" and "employment rates". When I heard Republicans saying Obama has raised the deficit and all that shit I seriously turned to T and said. Wait, what?! That is NOT true. Seriously. Bush created a bigger deficit when he was in office and there are MORE jobs today than there were at the end of the Bush administration. Why are they saying that?! I swear to you, I honest to goodness do not understand why everyone is talking about liberal politics when things are actually improving. Oh and don't even start me on the health care bill where 90% of Americans agree with the individual policies but when you ask them "do you agree with the Obama Health Care Reform", 75% of them say no. Does that make ANY sense?! People think the insurance industry shouldn't be allowed to deny people health care. Der.

To me it sounds like people are so divided because of the words Democrat and Republican which is why I would be upset when some people are just saying things to get votes and make one party distrust the other. Granted, this time around, no one really voiced the opposition to the fluffy lies. Some did try to explain that they inherited this mess (totally true) but they didn't do a good job explaining that things are getting better. Alas, people don't listen though when the TV highlight of the night is Sarah Palin strutting her stuff and using swear words to get those white middle class folks pumped up. (I do it to be funny. SP is NOT funny.) It makes me barf. Can we please get real information?!

I just want a world with health care for everyone and services for people in need and equal rights for everyone! I don't care if I am taxed to help people. I believe that there are great programs out there. And yes, I believe in the government, businesses, and non profits. I don't need $200,000 to be happy. I do believe that regulations need to occur because not everyone has good intentions and people should be held accountable. Yes, I voted for people of both parties in 2010, I saw good and non-bullshit from both parties. But, I am pissed. All I hear on the radio (I don't have TV) is how we will turn around the deficit and blah, blah. For CHRIST SAKE, the national deficit is NOT higher than what was inherited from 2008/2009 (same fiscal year)!! Perhaps you think things should have turned around faster but really? Really? Do you remember how ridiculous things were at the end of 2008?!

However, if you did vote on other issues though, its cool. I just wanted you to know that some headliners were complete crap. Stinky crap.

I feel a little better now and I hope things will get done in the next two years because I think we were just starting to get some good momentum going.


TheAnut said...

Yup ! I've followed an anti-Palin blog for over a year that contains a lot of researched information about the Koch Brothers and power agendas that can't really be imagined. Hard to believe the power Sarah P has over a certain segment of the population. And, even worse, Ms. E, her birthday is Feb. 11th. How can she possibly be an Aquarian, I ask you ?

Gevan said...

OMG - you had me until the photo of you as SP. LMAO.
However, I applaud your convictions. Go girl.

The Momma said...

You've impressed me on several levels: social awareness, critical thinking, no tv, admitting to being an out-of-control teenager who... gasp... rode in unauthorized vehicles (you could have been killed, good thing I was so vigilant and you were such a terrible liar despite all your practice), openly displaying your likeness to Miss Crazy Pants. But the most impressive is not a single 'f_ing'reference. Nice self-control lil'Em Lord knows the whole political thing makes me want to swear.