Thursday, October 28, 2010

Girl Power

This isn't my normal witty post* but it is my inspiring "teach the children well" side.

I am a huge proponent of girls growing up with positive role models to make them feel loved and heard. I was raised almost perfectly, there was that time when my mom made me dislocate my elbow because she wanted me to do the spider crawl damnit, the crab crawl was not cutting it**. I had loving parents who made me feel like I was smart, pretty, and good at sports. Not all those things were true all the time but I did have a pretty good self confidence.

This article is about girls and what you should do to inspire them today, tomorrow, and this weekend. Girls really do need women to be positive role models and encouragers. In high school, I definitely had a fair amount of meat on my bones, I could have used an eyebrow pluck, and my hair was god awful but I didn't really realize any of my "flaws" until I was older and on my own with no one reminding me daily that I was fine the way I was. During high school, it was the women around me who made me feel like I was perfectly normal. Granted, someone should have stopped me from eating Jack in the Box three times a week and I am glad I changed my eating and exercising regimen in adulthood.

blegh of 2001

I would like to add though that if a girl is unhealthy (as in eating shit), it is also important to to teach her how to respect her body. It is important to introduce girls to physical activities and stimulate her mind. Not all of it is about looks....but it is a lot.

So read the article and go make a girl feel lovely. It doesn't even have to be a young girl, all women could use a feel good moment about their appearance.

*It wasn't supposed to be a witty post but apparently I can't help myself.
**Mom, I love you lots, more than my cats. I know you didn't mean to hurt me. I don't even remember the pain or anything. Plus, you know it is kinda funny. are a parent, things happen and then your children get to remind you forever. You'll have a second chance in toddler class with the grandkids.


The Momma said...

All I have to say is that all the other children in toddler class were able to follow directions and do a simple crab crawl but noooo even with loving suggestions by your kind and gentle mother you just had to do it your way. Can I help it if you kept on going when I took your leg to turn you around and your little arm snapped? Poor Dr. Berry who had to reset it - you never forgave him and wouldn't allow him near you after that. Yeah, it was all his fault! And it WAS NOT funny, you embarrassed me with all that crying.
Please blog next about boating safety and how I let Claire fall overboard so we get that out of the way.
What I really want to make clear is that your father and I had nothing to do with your eating at Jack In the Box and didn't even know about it. And who were you riding with when you left campus at lunch? You better not have been in that death trap Bronco with that troublemaking Tyler!

Really? More than your cats? Hey, you didn't say anything about Buky and Gus.

The Momma said...

I forgot to say - You're so pretty and smart and athletic. Seriously, you are! (Maybe not so witty though)

Honest to Christina said...

Love, love LOVE YOU. And your mama, and sis, and ALL the women in your life.

I must say, one thing I was really struck by this summer was what an amazing community of women you have in your life. I felt so privileged to be a part of it while helping with your wedding. It was clear that they would joyful take on any hurdle with you.

What a blessing.

I too was raised by an amazing group of women. I look forward to the day when you and I, and the whole P-town gang can do that for our daughters!

{and let's not forget the impact of having great men in our lives, because too many young women, sadly, DON'T see that}

TheAnut said...

And the further extension of Girl Power is when those young women raise their sons to be kind, sensitive and tolerant men that are loving and respectful husbands and nurturing fathers.