Friday, October 1, 2010

Shit Kickers

T and I are taking a Small Farming class through the WSU extension in Bellingham. The class is only in it's second week and already has us figuring out where we want to go with our land. Although T already has an idea of what he wants to do, it is really helping me understand the process and help plan out our future.

By the end of November we will have our Whole Farm Plan somewhat laid out. It is pretty exciting.

But it sounds like our plan will not include me quitting my job to become a full time farmer. The reasons for this being: I like my career, I hate weeding, T has the real passion to be a farmer, someone has to make money, and T won't let me get cowboy boots.

In our Farm class a "small" farmer came in and gave a little talk. She had "work woman boots" on (a little different than cowboy boots because they don' have the pointy toe). It was really sassy/farmy/badassy.

I want some.

When I brought up the proposition of me obtaining some cowboy/girl boots, T said they looked dumb on the farmer that came to the class. What the hell? I want me some shit kickers and I want my husband to think I look like a badass farm girl when wearing them.

I guess he just really knows it is about fashion, not work. I might start trying to pull it off though.

He didn't like my idea of naming our farm Boot Farm either. What a SOB.


The MOB said...

You totally need boots. I bought some real cowboy boots when I was in Wyoming this summer at my ranch. Totally necessary!

Sierra said...

I have some beautiful cowgirl boots. They're so nice, though, I never wear them when they might get dirty. Also, they're the most expensive pair of shoes I've owned, those things are pricey. Better start saving your allowance! :) Then the first thing you can do when you get them is kick Ty.

Heather Alvis said...

This is the first time I've read your blog. I was very entertained - so thanks, I'm adding you to my reader! Regarding the boots - definitely get some - and then wear them all the time. I bet you'll find yourself saying they're comfortable even. T will love them eventually - especially with a nice pair of tight work jeans!

Farmers Veggie Wife said...

ooo Heather, nice! I like the tight jeans idea. although weeding my prove to be difficult, although, perhaps it may get me out of it all together.

Thanks for the blog compliments. I have secretly been reading yours for probably a year now. I like hearing about your adventures and I love your pictures. Your sweet girl is precious!