Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I can call you Betty, you can call me...Hippy

Warning, this post really isn't that interesting. It is more an example of how I try to "stick it to people" who piss me off.

Last week someone at work put this article by George Will in all the staff boxes (you know those things that hold paper, you know like those things that teachers get their papers from in the morning in the school office). Anywho, to get the full extent of this post, you are going to have to read that said article, or at least give it a good glance.

I felt that article was brought to everyone's attention in order for the distributor to justify his non-Earth friendly life to us environmentalists. Not to mention, he (or she, but it was a he) didn't double side his copies, nice touch.

I was ticked, yes.

I couldn't let it slide, you know that. He put it in EVERYONE'S box.

So....I looked online to try and find someone's rebuttal to this article. I found a couple but they weren't very strong arguments. It was mostly stuff like "George Will is an idiot" "Duh, the Earth doesn't care, it doesn't have feelings" and so on and so forth. Not the most educated arguments. Therefore, I was forced to create my own. Brought me back to my college days where I had to remember grammar. Well, I do have more of a flair now than in college (probably due to the graduation to wine instead of vodka) and I think my response turned out well.

The distributor even came up to me giving me a fist bump and said, "Out of 1 to 100, that was 1,000". I think that meant I won. Booyah!

I shall post my response for you now and if you need to stick it to someone by using my article go ahead and type a last name and "Ph.D" after By Emily.

If this article is too small for your weak eyes to read and you get the large-print books from the library, you can hit "fullscreen" or "download" in the article box and it will open bigger for ya.


Thank you and Good Night.

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TheAnut said...

Whoa! Nice 'stick it to em' job, Ms. Em. At my work, the copier will only produce a double sided document. You have to make a time consuming, extra effort if you want something one sided. (I assume your co-worker made the copies elsewhere.) FYI, as well, that some study showed that Century Gothic font is the most eco-friendly. That's all I use anymore at work.

The Momma said...

You're little but you're fiesty! Nicely stated.
Couple of things: *Thanks for the visually impaired tip tho' even I could have figured out to hit 'full screen' - I'm half blind not stupid (well, maybe half stupid. *I don't think a tombstone fits into your environmental agenda. Cremation is much more earth friendly.

Honest to Christina said...

I LUFF YOU! holy crap you are my hero.