Sunday, September 12, 2010

Don't Leave Me This Way

I had so much other stuff going on that I forgot to discuss a very important event in our family life. In fact, we have had so many family changes (wedding, vacations, goodbyes, announcements), that I figured it was a new chapter in life and time for a change. I hope you like the new look.

First big event: My Sissy has moved. Sissy moved in with T and I in 2008 when she graduated college. We were the Three Amigos and had good times together. Sissy also brought Gus into the family when she decided to get a dog while living with us. Gus and Sissy were part of this family, no question. Gus was our baby as much as he was Sissy's boy. Gus was a good brother, although we would always call them cousins, to Buk, Sam, Stan, and Simon. Everyone loved everyone.
Time to get sad:
Sissy has gone and started a new chapter in her life. She is off to grad school in Cali. Sissy has always been the smarter (as in book-smarter) Herold Angel. She got a car in high school for getting a 4.0 and playing 3 sports. I got a car in college when I got into the education program, which I promptly quit. I got what I needed. I have always known she would achieve more educational accomplishments than me and I want her to. She has got to use that brain of hers. And she is. I couldn't be prouder. Although she is no longer near me, I know we keep a great relationship. It is just like when I went off to college and left her home. Now she is gone and left me. I know how she feels now! I.miss.her.
However, not only do I miss my Sissy, I miss Gus. We all do. Although Gus shat his bed occasionally, barked at some people, and didn't listen about 78.7% of the time, we love him SO much. He may have had his bad moments but when he snuggled with Buk, played sweetly with Simon, tried to roll over for a treat but didn't make it all the way because he was so excited, or just plain looked f-ing adorable with his large beagle ears sticking out, he was the sweetest puppy dog one could have. Needless to say everyone misses Gus. I miss his warm body curling up in my lap and playing superman with him. T misses snuggling with the bug. Simon and Buk both really miss playing with Gus. Sam and Stanley could go either way really but I know they miss walking around with him outside. He was a familiar brother.
We are all dealing with it though. Occasionally we just go to our own corners and cry but we live.

Life altering event number two: This isn't really my news but my Sissy has got engaged. She got engaged to one of my friends and co-workers (we are going to name him BT for the purpose of this blog. Someday he will be included in posts) and I am so happy for them. Sissy has had some major changes, along with me too I suppose, and I am glad she has a-love-of-her-life to share it all with. However, hopefully she knows that BT is not invited to Disneyland with us. That is a sister thing.

BT likes sports. Sissy will be attending many more games in her future.
And no, I don't have permission to post this picture.

So the Herold-Marrs family is going through some changes (which is why I am changing my "mi familia" section of this blog. It reflects who is living on the farm and it is a step toward moving on and getting out of my crying corner). We are evolving and becoming a bigger family it looks like. Who knows what the future will bring but I know we will be smarter (well mostly Sissy and T who only reads text books...for fun) and one big happy family when we get there.


The Momma said...

Stop it! You are breaking my heart. No cry.

By the way, Dad says, "What! I want the car back."
He forgets it's the Toyota he already has back.

I miss Simon :^( Are you ready to go on other long vacation? Can't really miss Claire and Gus much since you've been hogging them the last two year.

Honest to Christina said...

Momma - You are going to have to brush up on your swear words to keep you from crying

Em - I hope you are keeping your chin up! Give Claire our congrats!