Friday, October 15, 2010


I LOVE the fall.
But, I say that about every season when it comes.

I am glad I live in a place with seasons.

I love the autumn because I eat more, cook more, read more, and craft more. I try to gym more.

It is about time to redecorate the house with those fall/winter items.
It is about time to start thinking about hosting another dinner party.
It is time to start knitting (and finishing the projects started from last year).
It is time to doing those DIY projects, or at least give them to T to do in his winter time.

It is time to go to the gym at least 3 times a week (usually 2) to burn off those cinnamon rolls or heavy creams that go oh-so-well with soup.
It is time to sit on the couch, after cleaning the house of course, and read under a blanket with the fire place (I say fire place because we have a gas one, boring, I know but you get what you get and it is better than nothing) going. (who knows how many times that will actually happen)

If I get to do all that, then I am so happy. If I get to do some of it, I need to take more Vitamin D supplements. If I don't get to do any of it, you will find me in my bed at 1pm curled in a ball.

It will be time to make these styrofoam peanut garlands soon enough.

All photos courtesy of Real Simple DIY projects

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The Momma said...

Fun decorating ideas. Do you think styrofoam would really look cute as a garland? Looks good in the picture but I wonder? Bet all your trees are turning beautiful fall colors. Which reminds me that I miss the photo of your house as your banner.