Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Brother or Sister?

I was thinking that Buk, Sam, Stanley, and Simon needed a new brother or sister. But even after typing all those names, I realized that probably is enough. Anyway, we were thinking that maybe Buk needed a new sibling pup to wrestle around with and Simon could use a younger doggie to pounce on. Since Gus left, we realized that maybe the babies were sad. So we started looking on the Humane Society website. Daily. I emailed T about twice a day with adorable dogs AND cats that I wanted to snuggle.

Then Gus came to visit (and will be back next weekend). Gus came inside, loved Buk for about 2 minutes and then went outside to play and came back within 10 minutes and had rolled in something dead. For christ sake! T and I ended up giving the boys cousin baths.

Although we love Gus like our own and he is SO precious, I decided we don't need another animal. That same week, I ended up taking Simon to the vet for shots and Stanley to the vet the day after because his face was puffy. Over $150 later (which isn't that much for animals) I decided our family was happy enough.

story of our lives; Simon trying to be funny and everybody else just pissed.

I don't need another dog to train and another bed for Simon to piss on.

Plus, Simon and Buk have become best buds and started sleeping/wrestling together. That then got Sammy's underoos in a twist and he sleeps with Buk on his bed now too. They are too sweet.

Don't judge me. on so many levels


Sierra said...

Simon is so big! The photo of him and Buk is too cute. :)

The Momma said...

I was cranky until reading/watching this - thanks!
Looks like Sam loves Fall as much as you do.
Hilarious pic of Simon making faces behind Stanley's back. I never noticed how you and Simon have eyes that match your hair/fur. Buky is such a kind, patient big brother. Of course your children would be watching sports. I want you to video Simon and Buk playing. And yes, you have enough babies.

TheAnut said...

Whether it's parenthood of pets or kids, the same two truths hold true:

#1 - Enjoy the rare and brief moments where everyone is in their happy zone together. They're times to remember and treasure as they do seem to be both rare and brief !

#2 - A parent is only as happy as their most unhappy pet and/or child. (Which goes back to the enjoyment of those rare, brief times.)

Glad to see you and the Simonator have bonded !