Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hair Roll

For those of you that are interested, I am going to post what I have been doing with/to my hair and the results that have occurred each day:

- Day 7: Hair washed (with baking soda and acv rinse) last on Day 6. Put hair into pony tail. Later in the day I had to meet family and wore it down. The pony tail made my hair really flat, which was new. Tried to curl my hair and it didn't really hold. Not good in the end. Lesson learned: with no hair regimen, hair can gets straighter after pony tail.

- Day 8: Washed hair with 2 Tbs baking soda/water mix and rinsed with about the same amount of apple cider vinegar. Put the flax seed hair gel in my hair and blow dried (is that a word?) until semi dry. Let the rest air dry. Spent the next 5 hours outside in windy conditions. Needless to say, my hair went a little frizzy. Wind, no "real" hair products, and curly hair mix not. Flax hair gel is pretty sweet.

- Day 9: Went to the gym in the morning. Apple cider rinse after work out. Put in Flax hair gel and blow dried (again word?), then curled the pieces that looked like shit. Good hair day in the end.

- Day 10: Took a shower at night on Day 9. Didn't use baking soda or acv. After shower put in the flax gel. Slept on it. In the morning, it was super curly and only needed a couple pieces curled. Best day so far. We will see how long it lasts.

- Day 11: Hair lasted 14 hours yesterday. Didn't look superb by the end but it didn't look awful either. Hair in pony tail today, husband wouldn't go to the gym in the morning and told me to go back to sleep instead. I did. Then I didn't wake up in time to take a full, hair-washing, shower.

Overall, I really don't feel like my hair is much different. I don't really notice I am not shampooing my hair. I like it.


CM said...

I think this is so cool! I am particularly interested in the DIY flax hair gel. I do have a question for you--you say you have curly hair--do you ever straigten it wih a flat iron? And if you do, what do you put on your hair to protect it from heat styling? (And if you don't, then I am out of luck...I would like to say I am going to stop straigtening mine, but I know that won't happen any time soon...) Keep me posted on your hair story. I am definitely interested. The more natural products I can make/use, the better!

Farmers Veggie Wife said...

I do straighten my hair (you can see the difference of my straight and curly hair in the post just before this one). I actually don't put anything in my hair to protect it from the iron. I think that the natural oils somewhat protect mine. But, I also don't do it everyday so my hair doesn't get very damaged.
However, even if you do put stuff in your hair the baking soda takes it out.
If you look on my previous post comments, my friend Melody uses Dr Bromms (or whatever that dr name is) bar soap on her hair. I guess it has nothing chemically in it.
Good luck if you try it!!