Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I have a job interview tomorrow. It is in with the same organization I am currently in, just a different position.

People keep asking me if I am nervous. Am I supposed to be nervous? Because, I don't feel nervous. I am more like excited, confident, and (hopefully) prepared. I'm not overly confident or anything, just the perfect amount to sell myself.

Who knows, maybe tomorrow while I am waiting I will start sweating, get pit stains, and be super nervous but I certainly hope that doesn't happen. Which is why I am trying not to think about it. But...everyone is asking me if I am nervous.

It isn't that being asked that question is annoying, I just wish people wouldn't ask because I don't want to be nervous.

Instead, I have chosen to answer that no, I am not nervous. I am:

......A risk taker who knows my boundaries

And, who wouldn't hire someone with those traits? It doesn't matter that I might piss my pants tomorrow when they ask about my weaknesses. At least, I am confident now.


Ms. Molly said...

Go get 'em Em!

Claire said...
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Claire said...

Good luck working "beautiful" into your qualifications. Nevermind, I guess that one goes without being said :) Good luck tomorrow!
As you know, I have been stalking your blog for quite some time. Finally decided to make it official.

The Momma said...

You forgot to mention funny and self-assured. Both evident by the 'unique' photos you post of yourself. Of course anyone would want to hire you! If they don't then they're obviously 'tupid.

TheAnut said...

Well, aren't I a day late and a dollar short. The interview is now behind you and you're in the waiting to hear phase .... unless they were smart and recognized that you were the one to fill the bill right then and there. Interviews are funny things. No matter the tactic I intend to take or how I want to represent myself, I'm just my babbling self.

Farmers Veggie Wife said...

FYI, I didn't get the job. pissed? my pant? no. Pissed? in general? yes.