Monday, December 6, 2010

College Credit Closer to Farming Major

T and I just had our last Farm Class.

I have mentioned before that we had a class we were taking to learn about farming. It was a WSU class, so I guess I am a Coug now. Must run in the family. (but no, I didn't give a rats ass about the apple cup.) Anywho, after about 10 weeks or something crazy long (but didn't seem crazy long) we have more knowledge about farming and how that plays into our farm and what we want to do with our lives in the future.


Farming can be a job but is definitely something that consumes you whether you make it full time or not. So we contemplated how we see our lives and our land in the future.

When I began taking the class I decided I would never quit my job and become a farmess (female of farmer) because a) T makes me weed b) I don't know very much and would need lists c) T and I would be working together 24-7, good? bad? I don't know but we are newlyweds d) I like canning and canning doesn't make you money. But...after some awesome classes, guest speakers, and farm tours, I decided that maybe someday I will make farming a full time thing or at least own a restaurant. We are talking 5 - 10 years though.

Last week T and I had to prepare a presentation (he wouldn't let me make a video. ie middle school george washington report...god, I wish I had a video to post here). We made a pretty nice power point and told our class that we are planning to go to Ferndale Farmer's Market next year and then proceed to increase our own business in the future.

So there you go, we are going to Farmer's Market!

I still do see T being more of a farmer than me but at least now I am excited for my part in all that. He will need me.

Although, I haven't gotten my boots yet and I refuse to do any weeding, sowing, trimming, mowing, pruning, planting, and so on and so forth until I get dem boots. And they must be pretty.


Gevan said...

Nice montage / collage or whatever. Today I had a respondent to my CL free listing of wine grape cuttings. Turns out the lady is a master's student in organic gardening, in the area to take a class at WSU Puyallup. She has a 1-acre vineyard in Chehalis (??) with 10 varietals. We had a very nice chat and she wants to engage me (ha!) as a collaborator in her master's study. She was very interested in my 10-varietal grafted plants comparison (the plants I bought at Cloud Mountain). So you see I may too get into organic farm production soon. It's in the blood, I tell you.

The Momma said...

I'm glad your course was inspiring (tho' it seems the speaker's boots made the greatest impact on your personal commitment to future farming endeavors. I too wish you had a video (George report is a classic).
Love the pics....there's my favorite of your property!