Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Come On 2011

2010 was a good year. It was full of happiness, weddings, engagements, healthy gardens, vacations, and a new baby. On the other hand, 2010 also had its share of sickness, frustration, drowned flowers, and other general fuck-i-ness. In fact, it is f-ed right now.

Yes, 2010 is ending on the bad side.

No, I didn't get that job.

No, I didn't get/want a Christmas tree.

No, I didn't get my cowboy boots.

Yes, I just got back from Vegas (which was fun) but

Yes, it rained 90% of the time and

Yes, I almost cried when I walked all the way down the Strip with wet shoes and socks squishing water with each step.

It was jesus telling me I was a sinner.

Yes, I know people have lives way shitter than me but

Yes, I donated money/time to many organizations so I could feel sorry for myself when the time comes.

Anywho, I am tired from getting home at 2am and getting up at 7am which may be why I am whining.

But....I am VERY excited for more holiday vacations and visiting friends on December 31, 2010 to say "Fuck Off 2010, you started swell and got better but then you decided to shove your foot up my ass. See ya!"

New Year's Resolution: floss and smile.

Family in Vegas


Honest to Christina said...

I will be giving 2010 a GIANT middle finger on new years, I am so glad you will be joining me. While it was a "good" year, it also managed to find about 15 different ways to fuck me gently. What confusion.

2011, I'm coming for you. With a VENGEANCE.

Anutski said...

Ah, yes. My recent past reveals a trend of 'odd years' good, i.e. no major personal traumas, 'even years' not so great. I now consider myself forewarned and just look forward to the odd years where I can let down my guard and take a breath before it's time to prepare for whatever the even years throw my way. At least the even years seem to have only about 6 months in them instead of 12! FYI the even years do have many wonderful individual moments amongst the angst -- your wedding was one of the highlights of my 2010 !(PS - Watch your sinning -- 2010 isn't over yet!)

The Momma said...

Hmm, a year of high highs coupled with low lows. The lows are mostly weather related - I certainly don't think YOU have offended Mother Nature. I understand rain related problems in Washington but it follows us to Nevada? What's up with that?
You were right, we should have taken the tram, sorry lil'Em. This time I was the horse back to the barn and the tram was not in my direct line to the Tropicana.

Gevan said...

Dear Em-
We have a technique called a weighted average, where all the measurements are weighted according to some scheme before averaging. When I look at your list, I detect too-heavy weighting to the most recent events. When I make my list, and give my weighting to the wedding ceremony, 2010 comes out as one of my best years ever! So there.
I think you should re-consider your weighting scheme.