Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Something Blue

This past weekend was beautiful Sissy's wedding and my one year wedding anniversary. (They were not on the same day. They were one day apart but that didn't stop Little Bear (bro-in-law) to ask what we were doing for our anniversaries next year.)

Mr Pepperworth and I wanted to celebrate our anniversary somehow. Really that just meant we would go to dinner (something we try not to do often). Our plan was to get off the island where Sissy and Little Bear's wedding was held, go to dinner, and relax. All fine and dandy.

Well, it really wasn't all fine and dandy. You know why? Because I forgot to wear blue on my wedding. I had a blue addition but never put it on, I forgot. Hopefully this only jinxed the first year anniversary. It was a dousy. Let me tell you about it.

Sunday August 14:
9a- Mr Pepperworth and I roll out of bed. I realize we have to make an "after-wedding brunch" at 10a and probably have to pack and figure out how to use a fucking ferry. We showered and got packed pretty fast. I try to call the ferry people to find out what the situation is for the day but my phone keeps roaming because it thinks I am in flipping Canada.
10a - Guy on the phone says noon ferry still isn't full. We are safe, or so we thought.
10:15a - On to brunch we go.
11:30a - Little Bear's brother (a ferry captain) says he is going to put his car in line for the 2p ferry. We figure we should do the same but after trying to figure out details we leave about 5 minutes after him.
11:50a-12:30p - Mr Pepperworth gets in line for the ferry and does all the things you have to do in said line.
12:45p - Mr Pepperworth arrives back at brunch.
1p - We head back to our car afraid we won't make it on the ferry. Ferry comes and it looks like we might get on.
2:17p - We move up in line. All our other friends who left the same time as us get on. The ferry is pretty full. The ferry guy shows "5" on his hand, we are the 5th car. We get excited.
2:19p - Ferry guy gives the "stop" sign to the car 3 cars in front of us. Fuck! We didn't make it. Next ferry arrives at 5:30p. Luckily my loving Daddums and Mother waited for us and we decide to go with them and leave our car. (I love them.) We are going to go to the state park and get a snack. We get a snack, I feel sick. Too much car. I get a headache. Emily with headache = bitch.
4:10p - 20 minute rest in parent's hotel room.
4:45p - Back in line for ferry. Obviously, we get right on. Mr Pepperworth falls asleep. I go find some family friends that are on the same ferry who I never see. We have a good time on the ferry.
6:15p - We get back to the main land and decide to eat. I remember this taqueria I ate at with some college roomies. $22 later we have a fabulous meal actually.
8p - We get home. Thank the lord all mighty.
8:05p - Start unloading.
8:15p - Realize cat barf on the floor. Clean up cat barf.
8:30p - Realize cat pee all over bed comforter. Clean comforter but in the process the laundry overflows.
8:50p - Realize cat is super sick and clear liquid is coming out of his anus.
9:00p - Feel like crying when I have to decide whether to sleep in sleeping bags or in old sheets and thin ass comforter.
9:20p - Realize my husband wants to cry.
9:30p - Say, fuck this. Put the cat in a room with a litter box so he can shoot clear liquid out of his butt in that and not on the bed or dog bed.
9:45p - Take a shower. It is a cold shower because I was last and the overflowing laundry machine used too much hot water. At this point, I just laugh. I can't believe this is the end of the day!

10p - Realize this all happened because I didn't wear something blue.

Good thing I gave Sissy one of my blue silly bands to wear on her wedding so she won't have to go through this next year.

Oh yeah, and good thing I love my husband so freakin' much otherwise I might take this as a sign our marriage ain't gonna go so well. But I am sure it was just the one day.


TheAnut said...

That's quite an eventful 1st
anniversary tale of woe! Sadly, anniversaries (if remembered - your mom never remembers hers) have something like the birthday rule, i.e. at some point during the day the bride and/or groom will cry.

Sounds like you have the perfect 'go to' bridal gift. While your Rabie garter didn't make it to your leg, a pretty a piece of lingerie with some blue would certainly be noticed if not worn!

The good news -- you have 49+ more anniversaries to go! Happy 1 year and 5 days!

The Momma said...

Not gonna stop 'til I've commented on all the ones it wouldn't let me.
This is such a sad story and I feel so responsible for forgetting to have you put on your blue garter - especially since it was made from rabi and would have brought you life long good luck without a doubt. What a great sister to protect your sissy!

The Momma said...

Oh yeah, and thanks for putting the two wedding pics by each other. You know I love looking at them. Sure can wait to see more than one of sissy's - hint, hint. Glad the photographer will have lots of time now this weekend.