Thursday, August 4, 2011

What the Farmer Doesn't Tell You

As you may well know, we went to our first Farmer's Market last Saturday. (actually it was a Public Market, hence why it didn't go so well.)

As you may have well guessed from that last sentence, the Public Market was a hoppin' but not so much money was made. Let's just say it is a really good thing both Mr Pepperworth and I have our full time day jobs. We made back about a 1/5th of the cost of the damn tent we had to buy but really, I can't complain too much, it wasn't all bad.

Our first Market sale ever.

Okay, it was that bad money-wise but fun-wise, it was pretty darn good. Mr Pepperworth and I spent Thursday and Friday prepping ourselves, saying, "do you want the bad news or the good news first," and things of that nature. We had to figure out what we had, how much we would need to take and it was actually all very exciting trying to guess how many customers we would have and what they would buy.

We got to the Market at 7:30am, first ones there, whoop whoop! Then had to wait around until someone could tell us what to do. We set up and totally had the best looking booth. Cute, inviting, and better than the plastic tubs other people were using.

Alas, for our first week we didn't get the attendance we were hoping for. In this one horse town people don't seem to actually go to the Public Market to buy food. Hopefully by pulling through we will get people to go for that purpose. We do have some great things but most people don't know that baby beets and purple kale can be made into some smashing, awesome stirfrys. Eat that for dinner, not your veal parmesan TV meal. I held my tongue though and didn't tell anyone they could loose a few lbs with more veggies in their diet.

We had fun. We met some great people and hope to really help Ferndale grow their local food movement. They need farmers and I must stick by Mr Pepperworth as the Farmer's Wife. I pretty much am the best Farmer's Wife and have to live by my name now! Plus, I make the signs look pretty damn good. I even put one of our engagement photos on a bulletin board. Everybody thought it was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, we won't be at the Market for a couple of weekends because 1) we took everything we had the first week. It is a hard "summer", throw us a bone now. 2) my baby sister is gettin' a married. Can't wait to get back though and establish ourselves a bit better. Plus, when those cantaloupe and melons come out, ain't nobody gonna pass us up. Oh lord, please let them like melons.


TheAnut said...

You are a good little sign maker ! Do you have Holly at your farm? As I weed many holly seedlings from my yard, I'm wondering if you need any for your winter 'wreath making' crop?

Jenny said...

Have you thought of bringing copies of a recipe you like that uses some of what you are selling, maybe even some samples (like costco). Kind of like bringing your blog to life . . . You make some really delicious food from your garden! Just a thought . . . I'm just thinking of the delicious food at your wedding, Ty's spaghetti sauce . . . mmmmmmmm :)


Farmer's Veggie Wife said...

Jenny, I actually am planning on bringing recipes but this last time I was so busy getting ready (and also packing to leave for vacay right after the market), I just didn't have time. However, it is in the business plan. :)
p.s. thanks for the compliment!

Anut, I don't think I can make wreaths. I don't make crafts. My mom does that. :)