Monday, February 25, 2013

Cleaning During the Week

A friend of mine wrote on her blog that her goal was to clean the kitchen every night before she went to bed. Then, when she woke up, it would be nice and clean and her day would start a little brighter.

Now, boys, they may not understand this.

But, I thought that was genius. I hate having a messy kitchen, especially when I spend 3/4 of my home time in the kitchen (when I am not watching library dvds in the living room). However, because I spend so much time in there, I get it pretty messy. Making your own meals regularly is a tough business. I just want to make dinner, eat it, and go sit down. Cleaning the kitchen sucks.bigtime.

Alas, this past week, I recruited the Mr to help clean the dishes regularly during the week and lo and behold, the kitchen stayed pretty clean. I would put away the leftovers, wash the counters, and sweep the floor. I even vacuumed the carpet in the living room during the middle of the week so it didn't look like we had carpet made purely from dog fur. It all felt really good and I stayed in a much better mood, rather than getting all stressed out from having a shitty house.

I plan on keeping up these new tasks. The only difficult part is getting Mr Peps involved but he knows he is helpful and that I love him just a little more in my heart when he does the dishes (and sometimes cleans the entire kitchen!). Wish me luck.

Me, with a dirty attitude and dirty kitchen. (Clearly, not a current pic)


Garden Street Zoo said...

Mylo is majorly OCD when it comes to the kitchen and refuses to go to bed without the kitchen tidy and dishes done. It is sooo nice to wake up to a relatively clean kitchen. Good luck!

The Momma said...

This should really work out because I'm sure he loves you a little bit more in his heart when you're not as cranky in the morning. Hint, hint - try not to be as cranky in the morning.