Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Due Date

The Mr and I had our 19 week ultrasound that told us loads of interesting things about our kid. (I'll disclose the sex of the baby later because I would like to dedicate a whole post to that.) 

We ended up with 18 pictures of Babe because the ultrasound technician just kept printing and printing shots. She kept saying, "I could scan this baby all day." I don't know if she says that to everyone but she did say that she has never taken 18 pictures before. She also wasn't the most pleasant person so I choose to think we were special and our kid is cute (for now, at least, we anticipate some really awkward teen years, lawdhavemercy).

Anywho, something that they did tell me, that I have decided I really am not fond of, is that they changed my due date. They now say I am due July 11, which is about a week later than my original due date. Argh. It really shouldn't bother me all that much but it does because I liked thinking I was currently at the halfway mark. Now, apparently, I am not. They took away my halfway badge.

Now, I know that babies come before their due date, but they also come after and I kinda wanted a early July baby. We will see what happens. Although, I do kinda have a theory that Babe is just small because I didn't eat enough protein. That is pretty awful to say but I definitely wasn't getting enough protein earlier in my pregnancy.

I am not really telling people they moved my due date back though. I don't know why but I just haven't.

Now, on a positive note, this picture is very precious (and looks like most ultrasound pics, hah, I know). This is Babe with the hand going to the mouth. No thumb sucking though. Hopefully that doesn't happen because I was a thumb sucker and my front teeth were effed.


Gevan said...

Love little Babe already! Can't wait.

Sierra said...

That IS one cute baby! :) Nice work!

The Momma said...

That is amazing! What a pert little nose. 9-11 will be an easy birthday to remember - not that I'd ever forget it.