Monday, March 25, 2013

Gunnahavababy Eetsaboy

Anybody remember that awesome Geico commercial where the guy calls his parents and says, "Bob Wehadababyeetsaboy"? That is the best commercial.

I think I forgot to tell you that we are going to have a baby BOY! I may have already spilled the beans without even realizing it but if not, there it is.

Mr Pepperworth and I both thought it was going to be a girl. We just had feelings. But, in the back of my mind, I knew I was usually always wrong about these things. Given a 50/50 chance, I am wrong 75% of the time. I'm pretty sure it's possible. Really.

Anywho, we are both really excited and when we were talking about our feelings when we found out it was a boy we realized we both had different reactions. The Mr realized he did want a boy. While I was also happy about the news, I realized that at some point, I do want a girl. However, after a few weeks of knowing it is a boy, I really don't have the same feeling but deep down, I remember that I do want a girl. But again, it is one of those things that doesn't really matter.

I am very glad we found out though. I think if I went the whole pregnancy thinking it was a girl and then HE is born, I would have had the same, "oh shucks" feeling at some point.(Just to reiterate, I am in no way sad it is a boy. I just had my mind set it was a girl.)

The name will remain a secret though. We have a couple of names right now that we are pretty fond of. I think we have a middle name already too.

3.5 more months or so!

Ty and I under the age of 2. Who knows what our kid will look like?!

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