Friday, March 8, 2013

Protein Packed Non-Vegan (sorry) Breakfast

Right now my favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I currently have a breakfast plan that is healthy, protein packed, and delicious!

This is what a breakfast of champions looks like:

- One egg white fried. I put pepper, dill, and nutritional yeast on one side. Then after I flip it, I put cheese on the other. After it is all done, I place it on a small bed of spinach.

 - Half toast. Dave's Killer Bread has 8g protein for one piece of bread. I eat half of one with butter.

- 1/3c oats. I buy gluten-free rolled oats and put boiled water over it and let sit while I cook my egg. Then I top that with a little bit of jam, vanilla yogurt, and flax seed (or Barlean's blackberry flaxseed oil - Barlean's is just 5 minutes away from our house).

- A little bit of locally roasted coffee with vanilla soy milk.

Baby sure does like this breakfast. Good thing I do too!

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The Momma said...

Oh my, is that an egg portrait of baby? Big eyes, goofy drooling smile & curly hair.