Friday, May 17, 2013

Early Morning Hikes

A couple of weekends ago some friends asked Mr and I if we wanted to do a hike. I have been wanting to get out and do one so I let them know we were definitely up to it but it couldn't be more than 4 miles and it had to be early in the morning. So, we found a 4 miles hike and met at 8am. The weather was so great and the hike very nice. The doughnuts and coffee afterward didn't hurt much either.

I felt so great after doing the hike/walk that I decided I wanted to keep it up. Usually I don't do much on the weekends, besides chores, so getting out and being active felt really good. This past weekend, I took Buk and we went on a short 2.5 mile hike. We had a great time listening to the birds and running (yes, I ran maybe one mile...downhill mostly) along the trails. The weather again was perfect. I even really enjoyed just going with the dog. Not that I don't enjoy going with people but going by myself let me do what I want and stop or run when I felt like it.

Hopefully I can keep doing it if the weather continues to be good on the weekends. I also went on hikes that we have never been on before so it is nice to explore areas that we thought we knew.

For those that are curious, we went to Stimpson Nature Reserve and I went to Chuckanut Falls with Buk. Both easy hikes.

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