Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Meal Plan

This post is mostly just for me to remember what I am planning to do. A "to-do list" of sorts.

After Baby arrives, I am planning on not doing too much in the first few weeks. I would like to just worry about breast feeding and cuddling Baby. I also want to take it easy so my recovery is smooth. That probably means lots of naps and quick little walks. Therefore, I don't imagine myself cooking or cleaning much. (Oh, the joys of motherhood!) I am hoping either the Mr will cook or that I will have frozen enough meals to last awhile. (I also have some chores that I have already gave to other people, including, but not limited to, taking the dog to the dog park. I know family will cook for me too.)

Anywho, I have a list of food I want to freeze. So far, I have made exactly one of those. I think one of these weekends will be me cooking and freezing. That actually sounds pretty fun to me anyway. I do plan on eating foods that Whole Food Nutrition talks about in their blog in order to "nourish the new mom".

I also plan on registering at mealtrain.com so if people ask about bringing something to eat, I can give them the information on the website. I know some other women who did that and it worked pretty well for them when people wanted to bring food.

Can you tell food is important to me? Me likey.

Here is where my to-do list comes in because I need to make and freeze:

- Nettle Soup (done)
- Potato Gnocchi
- Chicken Soup
- Lentil and Rice Casserole
- Halibut and Potato Chowder
- Corn Veggie Enchiladas
- Some Version of Veggie GF Shepard Pie 
Apple Cinnamon Teff Pancake batter
- Blackberry Crumble (a lady need some damn desserts!)
- Apple Crisp

I need to stock up on:
- Raspberry Tea
- Raw Nuts
- Almond Butter
- Fish

Can you tell I'm a planner? Yessir!

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