Friday, May 10, 2013

Third Trimester Update

I am currently at 31 weeks. I am now able to say that I am 7 months along. Holla! The time has gone by quite fast, which I know every woman says, but I think I realize now that it isn't a bad thing. It is nice to know you get to meet your baby soon!

I am still feeling quite well and exercising regularly. I still do my weights three times a week and walk/jog 2-3 times a week. I know I said I stopped running, which I kind of did since it is more jogging now, but I purchased a maternity belt (that is super cool) and my back pain is very minimal now. I wear the belt when I exercise, go on hikes, or walk/jog. I should have worn it last weekend when I was working in the garden from 8:30a-4p but I didn't really think about it, plus it would have ruined the tan I was working on with my bikini. I was looking real fine.

The weather has been so excellent here the past week or so that it is nice to get outside and be active. I think that if it was winter, I wouldn't be so apt to do my exercises so regularly. A warm bed is always better than the gym and I don't know if my pregnant will power would allow me to get my ass out of bed on cold mornings. So, I am thankful for that!
This picture is a bit scandalous but it is too funny not to share
I am, however, getting large. Like, Baby is getting large. Which is a good thing, I know. Multiple people have told me I look like I am going to pop. This may be true (according to that awesome picture) but when a woman has two more months to go, it isn't the sweetest thing she likes to hear. I don't know what my face looks like when those people say something to me and I don't know how fast my smile fades but hopefully they feel a bit awkward after having said it.

Another question I get asked, obviously, all the time is "what is his name". The answer is, we have not chosen one. We are fond of a couple but we won't actually choose one until after he is born. Gotta make sure he fits the name. What if he ends up just looking like a Bob or Gerald? Or, what if in the ultrasounds it was really a baby girl putting her finger between her legs to look like a penis just to fool her parents. That would be something a Pepperworth may do.

Well, it's off to my midwife appointment on a sunny Friday. TGIF (without the Hanging with Mr Cooper part - shout out to the 1990s)!

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