Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jr. Pepperworth

We did it. We had a baby. And boy is he cute!

Jr (not his real name, for the record) was born July 15 at 8:46p. After a ridiculously long labor (contractions for 41 hours, active labor for 27 hours), we had a healthy baby boy. I would say HAPPY and healthy but he just screamed bloody murder while nursing because he felt like it. Dad just went to change his diaper though so that may have been the problem. Let's hope so, or it is going to be a long morning.

While he may have just had an outburst, Jr is usually a very calm baby. He doesn't cry too often and when he does, it is usually because he wants to nurse or we are sticking a snot sucker up his nose. The kid has a snotty nose (just like his mama).

He is currently 12 days old and was back up to his birth weight after 8 days. We expect him to bulk up here soon. Those baby rolls will probably appear on his legs shortly. We will have him strong and ready to weed in no time!

Right now, he likes to cluster feed in the morning. I usually don't get out of my breastfeeding chair until 11:30a. But, then he sleeps from about 2p-6p with a feeding in there somewhere. Right now, it is when I get some stuff done. Luckily, he sleeps during the night waking to feed. So, when we get in bed at 8p, we actually get enough sleep to semi-function. It is quite nice. I am sure it will change eventually - hopefully for the better - but for now, I will take it!

He likes his vibration chair that a friend gave us, which is so nice to use when we need some free arms. And, he is getting good at all kinds of nursing positions including: laying down, side laying, laid back, etc. The laying down one really saves me at night so we can both kind of just sleep through the feedings.

 All right, that is all I can give you for now. Somebody needs my breast (it is the baby, just to clarify). More baby things to come eventually. I gotta get my wits about me again.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful!!!

Melody said...

So cute!! Excited to see you guys.