Monday, August 30, 2010

One Year Anniversary

I just got married is already my one year anniversary.


Well, I actually missed the anniversary because I was too excited for my Hawaiian adventure but let me refer you back to this fabulous idea/post.

That was pretty good for a first post, if you ask me. It was funny, informational, a little sad (weeding), and it had nice pictures.

However, I would like to add to my list explaining what qualifies T and I as farmers:

11) we already acquired a stray cat. Who is a sweet precious angel.

12) our other cat is a GREAT hunter and gets praises every time he bring home his kill which he promptly eats on the porch. although I do have to shut the door in order not to hear the bones crunching. sick, I know.

13) we own a 1987 Ford work truck to haul farm crap around. Best $500 purchase!

14) T owns a pair of carhartt shorts for when it is too sunny to wear his carhartt capris (self made) or carhartt pants.

15) for our wedding, we got a lot of farm themed gifts.

16) our dog roams freely and sometime gets in trouble for going too far. (sorry neighbors! who have chickens. who Buk probably scares the shit out of.)

17) we now own a John Deere lawn mower but haven't yet got the free hat from their website.

So yes, we are still going strong and haven't given up farming. Sometimes I still envy people who have TV and can just read a book on a Sunday afternoon in the sun but T always says, "That is what winter is for." I guess he is right.

Summer is time for working. Winter is time for lounging.

I love my life.

p.s. Totally off the topic...for those of you that haven't seen the pictures, here is a link to our photographers website.


Sierra said...

Haha, carhartt capris? Awesome!
Congrats on your one-year-old blog, your writing cracks me up. Keep it coming. :)

Gevan said...

Agree with Sie. Bring in on daughter #3!

TheAnut said...

Your blog has been a very bright spot in my day. Great work !

Based on your recent successful event, you do have the potential to have a mini-wedding venue side business there on the farm. We do that quite successfully at my work with a max of 98 folks. We charge for our venue and then upcharge for the rental of stuff we don't have but will get (i.e. chairs, tables, etc, linens, etc.) Just something to ponder on those winter nights.

The pictures are beautiful !

The Momma said...

And I love that you love your life. Ain't no words sweeter to a mother's ears.