Sunday, April 24, 2011

Earth Day 2011

I want Earth Day to be like Christmas. People get eco-friendly gifts, share love and stories with family and friends, and ride bikes all day. Okay so maybe riding bikes doesn’t happen in December but it does in Hawaii probably.
Tree hugger in Hawaii
Someday soon I am going to throw parties on Earth Day. We will go barefoot (vibram shoes not allowed), plant trees, drink homemade beer/wine, dance to regular music (not reggae), and eat all local food. It will be amazing.

However, since I came up with this idea ON Earth Day this year, it didn't happen full scale but it is happening on a mini-scale.

We ended up riding our bikes about 4 miles to our friends' house and then we ate some local food, including buffalo (not me though, obviously) from the buffalo farm about 2 min away from home. We then chatted and played games in candle light when it got dark. After 11pm, we biked home, up hill mind you, and it was a great ride. All in all it was a pretty good Earth Day party. I can't wait until next year when it is on Saturday. You are invited now so keep those calenders open.


Gevan said...

count me in. You must serve not only home-vinted wine, but it must be from estate-grown, organic grapes too. And bottled in recycled bottles. New corks though. Cork is sustainable.

The Momma said...

Yay, a new tradition you'll start. It's too far to ride our bikes and I don't want to take the bus so let's say our Earth Friendliness starts after arrival. You can send out a list ahead of time of what we can bring to plant on your property. Wool is natural - can we please wear wool feet get cold.