Friday, April 8, 2011

What is the World Coming to?

I just figured out how to look at the stats for my blog. It is pretty interesting.

However, I learned something kinda sad.....

The most viewed post on my blog is this: key word Nude.

Guess what google search has brought the most outside people in. "Farmers wife nude".

Good lord people.

At least they are super sad when they click on the link and the first this it says is..."that says noodles". Hah, take that 30 year old men sitting on your mother's couch eating cheetos.

However I would like to take a moment to let those guys know they are certainly welcome to learn about food, gardens, and hippies. Although you won't find any nude pictures on the site, there sure are some really cute kitty pictures. And who doesn't love a soft kitten? So stay and enjoy. Just keep it appropriate please. Or at least as appropriate as I do.

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