Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Younger, Smarter, "Taller" Version of Me

I am an older sister. You'd think that would make me smarter, prettier, taller (by .000078 of an inch), faster, and more cleanly than my sibling. That isn't the case. Except for the prettier part, oh, who am I kidding, she got the good side profile, not me. But the cleanliness, that is a tie.

I am an older sister to Sissy. I love my lil Sissy and always will with all my heart. No matter how often we yell at each other or make the other cry. That's right, we used to hit and pull hair but she will always tell you I lost because I went and told on her or I cried or did something to make her stop. Blah, blah, blah.
Anywho, my Sissy is amazing. She goes to grad school, she has long legs, she can calculate tips in her head, she can do a pretty good front walkover, and she has the exact same hair cut as me. Always. She'll tell you I copy her.

Sissy and I grew up having friends but not being able to go over to anyone's house because we didn't do our chores. Therefore, we were forced to play together. We did a shit ton of things: Oregon Trail, dress cats up and force them to sleep in baby carriers, write and direct plays, make dances, and play sports (like grab giant madrona branches, dress up in god-knows-what and proceed to hit each other). We had imaginations, I can tell you that much.

 There was this one time though were I was learning how to pitch fastpitch softball and I needed a catcher. It made perfect sense to teach my 8 year old sister how to be a catcher. Der. I strapped all the boat seat pads to her body and put her inside a chicken-wire cage. Safety first, I always say. Granted, I forgot one of the most parts...a helmet and face mask. So, when I started chucking balls at her as hard as possible she got scared and stood up. What the hell? Who stands up? Although, she may have been getting ready to run. Anywho, she stood up as I was throwing overhand (I was just warming my arm up) and she got beaned right in the nose. Whoopsie-daisy. I don't remember getting too much in trouble but I remember her getting a bloody nose and being really mad.

There was this other time that I introduced the idea of throwing all the stuffed animals in our rooms out the 3rd story windows. After about 30 items (stuffed animals, blocks, socks, underoos, knives, etc) she got caught. I can't remember where I went, I was probably trying to finish my daily chores or something precious like that. But Sissy sure did get in trouble for that.

She always told on me for swearing though. I swore a if you couldn't guess.

Although I left home when I was 18 to go to college and she left to go to a different college later, we still are the best of friends and I don't think we could live without the other. There is something about being forced to do hard labor as children that brings siblings closer together. The whining and sweat carries a deep bond.

 Some things that I love and miss about Sissy are:

8. Her dog. Gus is precious. Most of the time.

7.  We get each other on pretty much every level. We have this thing where we "talk" to each other by making sounds and not using words in the mornings when we aren't ready to use our voices.

6. Sissy is getting married this summer. It's sad not to be with her while she is getting ready to be married for the rest of her days.

5. She teaches me how to dress trendy. I don't wear new styles until she does and I know they either a) look good or b) look bad. She and I have pretty much the same body type so if she can pull it off, I know I can. She is helpful that way!

4. Sissy likes dancing and watching dance videos. I love that ish.

3. I don't go to the movies because I think it is a waste of money because it is so freakin' expensive so I just wait until I can get it free at the library 8 months later. However, there is one series of movies I always go to...Harry Potter. Sissy has always gone with me (except this last time). It is the love of the wizarding world we share.

2. We sometimes still do things that mid-20 year olds shouldn't do. We still dance, we still dress up, we still make routines, and my favorite, synchronized diving! I know Sissy doesn't love it as much as me but she does it to make me happy, even though it embarrasses her a tiny bit.

1. My Sissy scratched out all the of faces of the kids she didn't like in her preschool class pictures. Seriously, preschool. That makes me laugh so much. I remember when she scratched out faces with a needle and put hearts around the kids she did like. It proved that she wasn't a push over. If you mess with Sissy, she will kick your ass, or at least preform voo-doo on you. I like to think I taught her that.

Sissy is again away from me in California but I know she is just a phone call away. (although we never call each other, another fine trait!) Hopefully someday we will live near each other again and have children that grow up together doing the same shit we did. I hope my children love their sibling(s) (shooting for sibling) as much as I love mine. There isn't anything quite as fulfilling as having a perfect sibling.

 Previous Family Members: Mam, Pah, Mr Pepperworth


TheAnut said...

Aaaahh... What a nice post about your sissy. And what a sweet picture of little C___ie-foofoo (I'm maintaining her anonymity.)

The Momma said...

You want your children to do the same things you two did?! HA,then apparently they'll do a lot of chores since it seems that's all you ever did. OMG - I swear I'm never cleaning your house again as a consequence for your defamation of character.

You are a wonderful big sister, Emmy. It has always been a great source of joy to see how much you two love and enjoy each other (except when you are plotting together against your parental units - not so joyful). I kept LingOL reading this and remembering LingOL as you two did all your creative silliness growing up. Our sweet goofballs. Hooray for 20somethings who still like to play. And hip hip hooray for all the little sisters of the world - we're the babies, gotta love us!