Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Piss Pot

Simon. The baby.

Simon, the baby, pees on things. Things that are laying on the floor and since things lay on the floor a lot at our house, many things get peed on...but...they do have to be cloth. Buk's bed, dog feet-drying towels, my backpack, and so on and so forth.

Sam had the same problem. He lives on. In a bad way. Damn

In order to fix Sam of his problem, we sent him outside (which I know, ended in his demise but really, he wanted to be outside). But, we honestly can't handle Simon's problem anymore. I tried feeding him on Buk's bed in order to get his brain to realize he eats and sleep where he pisses. It didn't work. So, we pushed him out the door like a 30 year old son who eats cheetos on the couch all the live long day.

And boy did he enjoy it.

Yes, he is jumpin' over Stanley

Simon will only be outside with parental supervision for awhile until he can listen perfectly and we can teach him the road in a bad place. Hopefully all goes well.


Gevan said...

Good luck - hope he learns!

The Momma said...

What a freak ball. Great pics.

TheAnut said...

A bit confused about who controls whom in your family ?! Those are alot of flat ear pics. As you chase your roving boy, don't forget that you, too, need to look both ways before you cross the street.